Custom Jewellery

Custom Jewellery

Breathe Life Into Your Ideas for the Perfect Jewellery

If you can imagine the perfect piece of jewellery, the artisans at Arax Jewellers will help you make it real, like no other, absolutely yours.

Starting from a simple drawing, photograph or just your thoughts, your ideas first come to life in hand-drawn concepts presented to you for your improvements and approval.

Hand-crafted wax models let you see and feel your design for the first time, and enhance it.

Choose the perfect gems, create the perfect setting and trust Arax to ensure they all come together exactly as you want them to.

It's your creation, you're in control every step of the way.

Whether it's a wedding band, tennis bracelet, anniversary necklace, or a creative accessory, there is only one way to make it uniquely yours, to celebrate a moment, to express your love and affection.

Pour your thoughts, feelings and emotions into a custom piece of fine jewellery from Arax.

Let's create your vision together

Your Engagement

It's a moment that lasts forever. A unique moment.

Make it a perfect moment with a ring designed to celebrate the beautiful bond that only you two share.

The Arax engagement ring you choose is unique to you. It is crafted by hand, on our premises, by our master goldsmiths and gemologists. Each diamond and gemstone is selected for its exceptional quality and is carefully set into a ring designed to reveal its full beauty.

Create a Custom Engagement Ring

Imagine a ring designed by you with the help of the expert jewellery artisans at Arax.

Tell us your story, how you met, your dreams and aspirations. Then let us show you how you can put it all into a stunningly beautiful engagement ring that is uniquely yours. Forever.

Whether you know exactly the design you want, have an idea or need inspiration, Arax Jewellers will help you begin your engagement with the perfect gem, in the perfect setting, perfectly fitted to you, each other and your life together.

Let's create your vision together


Jewellery Services

Expert Repairs

Even the finest jewellery sometimes needs repair. When it does, give it the finest repair possible.

Why is Arax your best choice for jewellery repair? Our fully trained and qualified goldsmiths excel at jewellery design and construction, from classic to contemporary, and have the expertise to return your piece to its original condition, or better.

  • Speak directly to the repair specialist who will make your jewellery right again
  • Get professional advice on the best options, for you and your jewellery
  • All repair work is done on our secure premises. Your jewellery is always under our direct supervision

Remarkable Restorations

Do you have jewellery that isn't what it used to be? Past its prime? Worn out and damaged?

Let Arax show you the possibilities. Our jewellery restoration specialists take pride in returning items to their former glory, enhancing their beauty or creating an entirely new piece. Like our repair services, all our restorations are done in-house and your treasures are constantly safeguarded.

  • Rekindle your jewellery's beauty and appeal by adding a new stone or design feature
  • Keep alive the spirit and sentimentality of an old piece by making it part of a new custom creation
  • Get renewed enjoyment from a piece by turning it into something completely different – convert a dull old ring a beautiful new pendant

Professional Appraisals

Whether you are simply curious or need a precise valuation for insurance protection, Arax is your best and most trustworthy choice for jewellery appraisals.

Guaranteed Appraisals. When you choose Arax, a GIA-certified expert discerns the gem and precious metal quality, consider market fluctuations and provide you with a detailed report and valuation, the accuracy of which is guaranteed. You can take your Arax appraisal to the bank.

  • Everything appraised on-site by Arax personnel
  • The appraisal you need: market value, replacement value or probate prices (they are not the same)
  • Get a complete written report outlining the qualities and attributes of the piece's gems and precious metals

We are an old world style jewellery store. We handle all our repairs, custom creations, services on the premises. We dont sell any other brands other then our own brand, Arax.  

  • Engraving, hand and machine on all surfaces or precious metals. 
  • Appraisals with current value, fair market value, retail replacement. 
  • Pearl restringing
  • Repairs on rings: sizing, re-tipping, change setting, add stones, upgrade center stone, remodel into more updated design 
  • Chains, soldering, changing clasps, extending or shortening 
  • Bracelet, add safety catches, new clasps, polish, shorten, lengthen
  • Earrings, convert backing into clip on or pierced, supply new butterflies, convert from screw back to post to omega to any style you desire. Replace broken stone, change earrings into Pendants, make studs to dangle earrings, the possibilities are endless, all done on the premises 
  • Pendants, change into ring, match and make studs, lengthen, shorten. 
  • jewellery refinishing, cleaning, polishing, checking, appraising, re-modeling, anything related to fine jewellery is done here by our talented dynamic staff. 
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The History of Arax

Arax Jewellers has been a recommended jeweller in Toronto with customers throughout the GTA and southern Ontario for over 30 years. In the age of mass production, true craftsmanship is rare and Arax takes pride in the loyalty of our customer base that has been building since we opened our doors in 1971.

Eddie Khatcherian established his roots as a master goldsmith when he opened his first workshop in St. Catherine's Ontario. He quickly earned his reputation for top quality workmanship and within just two years, Eddie opened his first retail location. Today, his success continues in Toronto at Sunnybrook Plaza with his sons at his side as his successors.



Custom designed shared prong eternity anniversary band made to measure in Diamonds ranging from 0.05 to 0.50 carats and available in 14kt-18kt-Plt.



This ring is truly a gem! This center stone is 5.25cts natural light fancy yellow Round Brilliant Cut Diamond that we had recut from a larger stone that was an Old Mine Cut inherited by our client. She wanted to have a wearable cocktail ring in memory of her grandmother. Made in Platinum with collection quality pave set diamonds, an accent to his overwhelmingly brilliant center stone, this design is ideal for larger rare gems.



As one of the 'Arax' signature bridal designs, this engagement ring is a perfect combination of elegance, prestige and taste. In this picture the center stone is 1.60cts of VVS1 clarity, E color and Ideal cut also set with 1.28cts of collection quality pave set Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds in Platinum.



This three stone classic engagement ring would make any girl scream ‘YES!’ Set in Platinum with a 3.80ct Emerald Cut Diamond center stone and two matching 0.85cts shoulder set Diamonds. Also available in any size & shape Gemstone



Another 'Arax' original bridal design this ring is made with a 1.57cts Round Brilliant Cut center Diamond and 100 matching pave set Diamonds made in 18Kt white gold. This engagement ring looks great on! Made in a wider band with a slightly raised center the contrast between the center diamond and the rest of the ring really makes it pop!



True beauty.



This is a one of a kind design we made for a very special lady who wanted a strong and practical big and beautiful ring to wear every day. Set with one Oval Brilliant Cut 2.26ct natural blue Sapphire and with over 2 carats of collection quality Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds in Platinum this ring is truly a statement piece.



This ring was designed by Shant Khatcherian for our stock where the 22.70cts vivid blue Topaz was his inspiration. Creating a ring that suits this size stone was a challenge but as you can see it showcases it perfectly. Set with 2.31cts in collection quality Diamonds and 14kt white gold this too is a statement piece.



This is a very affordable & very beautiful 14kt white gold Diamond & natural brown Zircon everyday ring. Designed by Shant Khatcherian for Arax.



In this ring Eddie captures the perfect combination of new world and old world jewellery design as he masters the pearl evening dinner ring made in 14kt white gold set with an 11mm South Sea Pearl, Diamonds & Pink Sapphires.



Made for stock we came up with this design to be bold and simple. Trying to capture the effect of nature with this South Sea Pearl in a bed of Diamonds because a Pearl is the only gem made from a living organism this design showcases the diamonds as a blanket of stars carrying a beautiful Pearl. Simply, naturally….Arax! Made in 14Kt white gold and 2.12cts of collection quality pave set Diamonds.



One of our unique handmade Diamond bangle bracelets made in 14kt white gold with a total Diamond weight of 2.82cts of collection quality, excellent cut Diamonds. This is the anniversary gift we suggest for the active woman who has everything.



This outstanding link bracelet is made up over one thousand carefully chosen pave set Diamonds. With an invisible clasp and 6.61cts in Diamonds this statement piece will turn heads at any venue.



This one of kind design inspired by a single gemstone was handmade by Eddie Khatcherian for stock using a 3.93cts Pear Shape vivid blue Sapphire in 14Kt white gold set with a total of 1.20cts in collection quality diamonds. An evening dresses perfect most elegant accessory.



These one of a kind custom designed 14Kt white gold Dangle earrings set with 9mm South Sea Pearls and 2.27cts in Diamonds were handmade by Eddie Khatcherian, they are a must have for any bride on her special day.



These Platinum, Diamond and natural white fire Opal dangle earrings were custom made for one of our most special clients. You never know…you may have seen them on her on television.



Part of our Estate collection these earrings, circa 1950, have the most beautifully vivid deep green natural Emeralds I’ve ever seen! Set in Platinum with straight and tapered cut baguette and round Diamonds. These pair shape drop Emerald earrings are truly rare and special.



Custom designed as a gift idea for her grandmother this client wanted more than just a pendant, she wanted a statement piece that would last forever. This eye pendant is made in 14 & 18kt gold set with pave set Diamonds and natural Blue Zircon. She had the back engraved with a special note that will be passed onto the next generation keeping this piece in the family forever.



This design is quite unique in how it was made, three modified unique cut Rubies polished from the same piece of rough with perfect matching hue, saturation and tone. Another one of Eddie’s fun designs this necklace is made in 14-18kt white gold with 2.79cts in Rubies and 1.95cts in Diamonds. A must see!



Over 16 carats in diamonds in the eternity necklace alone this handmade statement piece is truly far and few in-between. The Pear Shape cluster drop extension is removable and set with a 1.80ct VS2, F color, Excellent cut Pear Shape Diamond.



Part of estate collection this Emerald and Diamond bracelet, circa 1925, does not even need an explanation. Made in Platinum with natural Emeralds, owning this would truly be an investment that would never lose its value. Very rare and fine, this bracelet is in class of its own.



Eddie Khatcherian Sevag Khatcherian Shant Khatcherian

Eddie Khatcherian

When you first meet Eddie Khatcherian, it doesn't take long to see where his passion lies. He wants more than anything to earn the trust of every customer he serves by making each piece of jewellery he creates, restores or repairs to be the best it can be.

It didn't take Eddie long to realize his passion.

For over 1500 years, artisans and merchants have created, bought and sold hand-crafted fine jewellery at the ancient jewellery marketplace in Beirut. It was there, in September of 1962, that a young Eddie met the master goldsmith from whom he would learn the art of hand-crafting fine jewellery; all by hand, from initial drawings, to model and mold-making, casting gold, setting diamonds and gemstones in place, and final polishing; all by hand.

Eddie learned everything he could from the man he calls "a genius, absolutely the best goldsmith in Lebanon". Six years later, Eddie opened his own workshop repairing jewellery and creating two or three custom rings a week for other jewellers.

1969 in Canada was an exciting time. Still glowing in the centennial celebrations of two years earlier, the country was growing quickly and full of promise. Contrast that to increasing uncertainties in Lebanon and it's easy to understand Eddie's decision to move to the new country in February, 1969, after a visit for his brother's wedding.

Eddie quickly adjusted to his new life in Canada. His determination paid off when he landed a job as a model-maker with one of the leading jewellers in Canada, Lipman's House of Silver.

Eddie moved to St. Catherines, Ontario, in 1971 to open his first business, a jewellery workshop. Similar to his work in Beirut, in addition to creating custom jewellery, he did appraisals, repairs and restorations for other jewellers in the city. Business was good enough that, just two years later, and two months after getting married in September, 1973, Eddie opened a retail store in St. Catharines and called it Arax Jewellers.

The new company's customers soon came to rely on Arax to provide the top quality custom jewellery, expert workmanship and unrivalled customer service for which it remains famous today. Sales doubled every year and the company became an integral part of the St. Catharines business community, where everyone knew Eddie and Arax's good reputation.

Life at home was good too. Eddie and his wife Lucy were soon the proud parents of two sons and two daughters. Family has always been important to Eddie. His wife, sister and his brother-in-law all helped Arax Jewellers continue to grow and in 1976 they opened a new location with gleaming marble floors, a private jewellery salon and, of course, the workshop where Eddie created his masterpieces.

Family was also the reason for a move to Toronto in 1988, where the children could be closer to their schools.

Keeping the St. Catharines store open, Eddie expanded the business in Toronto by importing and wholesaling top quality diamonds. Regardless of its success, running a business from a distance is not easy and in 1998 Eddie moved Arax Jewellers to the recently renovated Don Mills Centre in Toronto and wrapped up the import and wholesale operation.

Continuing the family tradition, Eddie's son Sevag joined the company in Don Mills after becoming a certified gemologist.

Eddie was forced to find a new location for Arax when the Don Mills Centre closed for a complete re-build. After moving in to the new location at Bayview and Eglinton in the Leaside neighbourhood of Toronto, Eddie was pleased to welcome his second son, Shant, into the business.

It's a long way from the centuries old marketplace in Beirut to the new location in Leaside, but through it all Eddie has stuck to his core values of trust and dedication to hard work, his customers and, most of all, his family.

On most Sunday mornings, you can find Eddie and his sons on the golf links playing the game that Eddie somehow found the time to learn and love.

On most other days of the week, if you visit Arax Jewellers in Leaside, you will find Eddie doing what he's done for over 50 years, creating fine jewellery by hand at his workbench and making sure his customers are well served. When you visit, he'll do what he's done for thousands of customers before. He'll listen to your story and help you create a unique piece to celebrate it.

Sevag Khatcherian

When you are born into a business, it's difficult to say when your involvement really starts. But Sevag Khatcherian made the decision to follow in his Father's footsteps after graduating from high school in Toronto.

And then his real education in fine jewellery began. Sevag entered the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) just one year after high school. As the world's leading authority on diamonds, gemstones and pearls, there is no better place than the GIA to set the foundation for a successful jewellery career.

After earning his Graduate Gemologist designation from GIA, Sevag started his work at Arax Jewellers. He quickly learned and adopted his father's dedication to taking the time to do things properly and to earn the trust of his clients.

Sevag also inherited his father's entrepreneurial spirit and soon opened his own business appraising and identifying gems and creating custom bridal jewellery.

While proud of the success and everything he learned in his own venture, Sevag felt drawn to bigger things. In 2010 he joined the most famous and prestigious jeweller in the world, Tiffany & Co., where he learned about fine jewellery merchandising and the importance of establishing trust with every customer.

But the Khatcherian family ties are strong and early in 2012 Sevag left Tiffany to join the family business. Arax's clients enjoy the dynamic mix of Sevag's talents as a gemologist and customer service specialist, and the master goldsmithing and model-making abilities of his father and brother.

Shant Khatcherian

You would think with Ed Khatcherian as your father, the path to the goldsmith's bench would be easy. Not so for Shant Khatcherian. After graduation, Shant began his apprenticeship to learn the basics of the jewellery trade and the fundamentals of design and repair.

It was only after five years of sizing rings, casting gold, polishing, setting, running errands and sweeping floors that Shant was ready to learn from the master, his father. After joining Arax at its Leaside location in Toronto, Shant learned and honed his skills as a model-maker, someone who literally hand-crafts jewellery from scratch.

In addition to the work ethic that got him where he is today, Shant has an uncommon passion and talent for his craft. It's something of which his father is very proud. And something you can take advantage of when you visit Arax Jewellery.

Our Mission & Promise

All our designs are available in most budgets, of course there is a starting point to each design but we can create a ring for you like any picture you see. Maybe in a smaller stone, larger stone, different gemstone all together etc. We do however have to stay true and consistent to our standard. Which are…

  • We only create custom jewellery in precious metals
  • We only use very good cut and better diamonds in all our designs
  • All gemstone are genuine, nothing synthetic or imitation
  • The range of Diamonds are SI2-IF for clarity & D-J range for colour and all Diamonds are pre-certified by GIA or comparable and ethically mined.
  • Even though we can create all our designs for all budgets we will not compromise our quality or the integrity of the piece to fit a budget. All designs will be completed the proper way individually assessed based on the design.
  • All items made by Arax jewellery has a life time service guarantee. No charge cleaning, polishing, checking, appraisal updates and minor repair. Complimentary first time sizing or alteration on all custom jewellery designs.

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